In 2007 I was told Stephen Spielberg planned to release a movie about Lincoln in 2009 to commemorate the bicentennial of the President’s birth. Realizing the hoopla that usually surrounds the release of a Spielberg movie, I decided it might be wise to preach a series of sermons on Lincoln as momentum built for Spielberg’s movie. It’s now three years later – no movie yet, but 8 Lincoln sermons have been delivered. They comprise the bulk of this book. I thoroughly enjoyed studying Lincoln’s spiritual life. May this book bless you is my prayer.

One week before preaching the final Lincoln sermon, I was handed a Springfield newspaper article that revealed my Lincoln sermons were not a new idea at Second. In 1920, Rev. Coffman, Pastor of our church, preached a sermon entitled “Lessons We Can Learn From Lincoln.” If I could have found the sermon, I would have included it in this book. Ninety years later, many lessons from Lincoln can still be learned.