Prepared by Dr. John E. Marshall

Fossils said to be transitional are the Holy Grails of evolutionism. Unfortunately, fakes come out of fossil beds often because fossil dealers know where the big money is. Since transitions are the mother lode, a good fake brings big bucks.


Darwin’s book was published in 1859. In 1862, as if on cue, and planned, in a German quarry was found Archaeópteryx, said to be the missing link between reptiles and birds. One scientist, when he saw it in a museum, “fell upon his knees in awe.”

We now know it is a bird, and nothing but a bird. It was not a half-bird, it was a bird. It had wings, was completely feathered, and flew. Since its discovery, not one intermediate fossil with part-way wings or part-way feathers has been found.

In the 1990’s another “missing link” between dinosaurs and birds made big headlines. It was a fake, a good fake that hatched huge money, but a fake nonetheless. Someone glued a dinosaur tail to a primitive bird.


Another worldwide hoax was a fraud fostered by Darwin’s advocate in Germany, Ernst Haeckel, whose theories were instrumental in the rise of Nazism.
In 1874 Haeckel published drawings of embryos which showed all embryos as strikingly similar in their early stages.

Haeckel’s best known images depict side-by-side embryos of a fish, salamander, tortoise, chicken, hog, calf, rabbit, and human. His drawings showed striking similarities between them. They looked almost identical. These similarities were claimed to be “by far the strongest single class of facts” in favor of Darwin’s theory that all organisms sprang from the same source, and share a common ancestor.

Haeckel’s embryos were virtually indistinguishable, yea, too good to be true. In 1997 a detailed study showed that embryos of different species are very distinct. Actual photos of embryos did not match the drawings. In other words, Haeckel cheated. The similarities were faked. In some cases, Haeckel used the same woodprint for the embryos because he was so confident of his theory. He figured it a waste of time to draw them separately.

For 120 years Haeckel’s fraud has been treated as dogma because no one took the time to research it. Even more amazing, Haeckel was first accused of fraud in the 1880’s. Nevertheless, his embryos are still being used. (See pictures, Sarfati, p. 86, and Rhodes, pp. 110-112)


In 1953 Stanley Miller artificially produced in a lab the building blocks of life. The mixtures he used are now universally rejected as being what the early atmosphere was like. Miller used the wrong gas-mixture.

Conditions on the early earth were far from favorable for spontaneous life to emerge. The earthly conditions needed to create life were just as likely to have destroyed newly formed life, and leave no explanation as to how new life could have arranged properly or been enclosed within a cell wall.

Scientists do not have a clue as to how life began. There is no generally accepted theory.


For his 1859 book, Darwin drew a biological tree of life, illustrating how thousands of species had slowly and gradually developed from a common ancestor. The fossil record, especially the Cambrian Explosion, exploded Darwin’s myth, making his tree of life a dismal failure.

In the Cambrian Explosion, dated 525 million years ago by old-earth creationists and evolutionists, 10,000 years ago by youth-earth creationists, highly developed life forms just appear as if suddenly planted there. They were.

The Cambrian explosion is so amazing that some call it “Biology’s Big Bang.”

The slow transitions Darwin postulated on his biology tree of life don’t exist in the fossil record. Stephen Jay Gould, Harvard paleontologist and evolutionist, writes, “The extreme rarity of transitional forms in the fossil record persists as the trade secret of paleontology. The evolutionary trees that adorn our textbooks have data only at the tips and nodes of their branches; the rest is inference, however reasonable, not the witness of fossils.”


The ultimate missing link would be one connecting apes with humans, ape-like creatures slowly evolving into human beings. Since Darwin’s time, many candidates have been proposed as the missing link. Each has enjoyed a brief career, before being quietly set aside. Every one proved false and misleading, misrepresenting the truth.

Nebraska man proved to be neither ape-like man nor man-like ape, but an extinct pig. Java man was no ape-man, but a true member of the human family.

Piltdown man proved a huge fraud. For forty years, British Museum officials zealously guarded it from unfriendly inspection, thereby perpetuating a lie for two generations.

Cave men were descendants of Noah’s family who scattered throughout Africa, Europe, and Asia. They began life on earth all over again. Living in caves provided them natural shelter.

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