Luke 2:11b (part 2)
Be We Resolved.
Prepared by Dr. John E. Marshall
Christmas Eve 2010

Luke 2:11b (part two) “. . . A Savior . . .”
A rescuer, a deliverer. The name Jesus, in Hebrew, means God saves. This is our cure – God in flesh, God with us. How could He be our enemy when He has wed His deity to our humanity? If He hated us, He would have run far from us, not toward us. His coming down to us can only mean He wants to lift us up to Him.

The angel could have first used a multitude of titles to describe Jesus – King of Kings, Creator, Lamb of God, etc. He chose “Savior.” Gabriel did not list the wonderful cultural accomplishments that would come as a result of the incarnation, nor did he talk about how this birth would change world history.

The angel did not enumerate the music, benevolence, education, hospitals, orphanages, art, and literature that would be taken to its zenith due to this baby boy. All these details are important, we revel in them, but they are secondary.

Our primary need is for a Savior. As we enjoy this Christmas season, let’s try to put first what God put first. Let’s remember, the matter dearest to God’s heart is the salvation of sinners.

The world was fixated on Caesar Augustus’ taxation decree (Luke 2:1), but Gabriel focused on God’s decree about salvation, a Savior. Always keep a proper perspective. The spiritual is far more important than the physical or political.

This is the theme of Luke 15, the “lost” chapter of the Bible. The shepherd rejoiced more over one lost sheep that was found than over the 99 sheep safe in the fold. The woman had a party when she found the one lost coin. The father celebrated the return of his lost son.

At this time of year we make New Year’s resolutions. Maybe we would resolve, by God’s grace, to let the message of this Christmas cause us to do next year what Christmas is most meant to do. Let’s resolve to win a lost family member or friend, and have them sitting beside us worshiping Jesus at our next Christmas Eve service.