Unreached People Groups–History
Christianity encircled Mediterranean Sea
1500 mile circle around Jerusalem

Flourished in Europe, including Russia

Israel about 2000 miles from India and China

Subtropics in India

Mountains and desert in China, plus 1000 miles farther

Neglect of North Africa

Islam in 600s AD–barrier to south and east

Stalemate in Middle Ages

New World–Protestants north, Catholics south

19th century–Golden century–British Empire

20th century–stalemate

Follow politics and money


Governments are changing

USA commercial center of world

Communication and transportation are improved

See “Happenings”


Of 12,862 ethnolinguistic people groups in world, 2161 in Last Frontier

36 of unreached people groups number over 1,000,000

Of 5.65 billion people, 1.68 billion (30%) in Last Frontier

World A (10/40 corridor)

Maithili (India) 31,000,000  95% Hindu plus superstition

Bedouins (Syria) 1,282,300  99.9% Muslim

Dong (China) 2,514,014  Polytheism, animism

Fulani (Fulbe of Senegal) 441,200  99.9% Muslim

Laotian (Laos)


IMB–“. . .pray for the people group, plus whatever else the Lord leads you to do.”

Establish contact

Bible–ABS and/or Wycliffe

English as second language


Farming techniques

Medical teams

Be willing to pay the price of few results in early years