Pastor’s Class Notes
Prepared by Dr. John E. Marshall


Romans 6:22a “But now. . . .”

Verse 21 was a humiliating expose’ of the Christless life. It is fruitless and full of shame. Life with Christ, however, is just the opposite.
We should praise God for the first two words of this verse. “But now” is the theme of every believer. The fruitless and shameful life has been left behind.
The Christian has undergbone a profound and radical change. His life was once shameful, “But now” it is honorable. His life used to be fruitless, “But now” it bears fruit, yielding positive and valuable results.
Nothing worthy of the name “fruit” was born before. There was no fruit produced by those deeds of which we are now ashamed. “But now” things are different.

Romans 6:22b “. . .being made free from sin, and become
servants to God, ye have your fruit unto

The new life produces “fruit unto holiness.” The word “fruit” reminds us that this can be produced only as a result of regeneration. It springs from a life principle implanted in us at conversion. “Unto” implies never-ending progress. “Holiness” means set apart to lGod.