Don’t Let Problems Drown Us

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Romans 8:18 (part 2)

Don’t Let Problems Drown Us

Prepared by Dr. John E. Marshall

Romans 8:18a (Holman) For I consider…

Paul was a very reasonable, logical person. He calculated matters, pondered realities, and made proper deductions. He was careful in the assessments he made.

The word “consider” did not mean the same thing to Paul as it does to us. We use the word haphazardly to express a guess or a hunch, but Paul was using a technical word that referred to reaching a conclusion by a process of logical deductions.

The term was used to describe the working of a mathematical problem. Paul was not just making an educated guess or a tentative hunch. He had considered the facts and had reached a noteworthy conclusion.

Romans 8:18b …that the sufferings of this present time…

“Present time” refers to the world of time and space we live in. Every human being suffers in this life. There are troubles to overcome, and anxieties to endure.

Being God’s adopted children does not exempt us from suffering. In fact, it can complicate matters, and make things worse. Believers carry the extra burden of spiritual turmoil. They carry the weight of guilt, concern, and extra sensitivity.

Nevertheless, there is a ray of cheer even in this phrase from our text. For Christians, suffering is confined to only this lifetime. The afflictions of a believer do not las

No Molecule Left Behind

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Romans 8:9c-11

No Molecule Left Behind

Prepared by Dr. John E. Marshall

Romans 8:9c (Holman) But if anyone does not have the Spirit of Christ, he

does not belong to Him.

Verses 9c-11 contain seven certainties: two sad, five glad. Sad certainty #1. If a person does not possess the Holy Spirit, he or she does not belong to Jesus. In salvation, the acid test is not wearing Jesus’ name, but having the Spirit of Christ.

In conversion, rites and ceremonies are inconsequential, as are doctrinal purity and church membership. All that counts is having the Holy Spirit within.

“Does not belong to Him” is a thunderclap, intended to induce trembling in the hearts of people. No epitaph can be sadder than this: “Does not belong to Him.”

These words wound the heart, but are given to heal us. When the Savior strikes a blow at sinners He only means to break their chains and set them free.

This verse is universal in its application. No exception is hinted at. It has a sobering tone of finality. If we do not belong to Jesus, whose are we? This is scary because it has but one possible answer. The only other proprietor of souls is Satan.

Romans 8:10a Now if Christ is in you, the body is dead because of sin.

Sad certainty #2. Though Christ dwells in us, our bodies are still perishable. “The body is dead” means it is under a sentence of death. We are born to