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John316Marshall.com » Romans 6

The Unwanted Freedom

Posted in Romans 6

The Unwanted Freedom

Prepared by Dr. John E. Marshall

Romans 620 For when ye were the servants of sin, ye were free from


This is a classic definition of lostness. The only freedom unbelievers have is freedom from righteousness. They give God no mastery over their life. Slaves to sin, they feel no obligation toward righteousness, and no need to discern or do Gods will.

This freedom is not a liberty given by God, but one stolen through our rebellion. It is the throwing off of any allegiance to the will of God. A lost person is in rebellion against God, because the Lord is not being allowed His rightful throne.

An unbelievers life affronts God. However good or moral lost people appear, always remember they are rejecting Christ and his crucifixion.

They refuse any notion they must lean on God for salvation. They simply live by their own standards, acknowledging no need of a Savior, and recognizing no obligation to conform their life to the image of Christ. Lost people can have enough goodness to impress others, but never enough to satisfy God.

This displeasure of God explains why nothing is more terrible than freedom from righteousness. To be outside the domain of righteousness means to be outside the grace of God, and nothing is more appalling than that.

Who wants a freedom that allows us to be separated from God forever

Jesus Is Our Prototype

Posted in Romans 6

Jesus Is Our Prototype

Prepared by Dr. John E. Marshall

Romans 617c . . .that form of doctrine which was delivered you.

Believers express their obedience to God by adhering to a body of teachings (doctrine). The doctrines of Christ are to dictate our belief and behavior.

Christian living requires compliance with certain teachings. All we are–understanding, will, plans, principles, deeds, etc.–must conform to the teachings of Jesus. This means absolutely submitting to live by the Bible and its precepts.

Form was commonly used for a die that minted coins. This metaphor draws a graphic picture. Bible teachings are a mold our lives should conform to.

We are to let ourselves be placed in a template, and take our shape from it. The mold is the Bible. Jesus is the prototype, the image we seek to reproduce.

Gospel teachings are a pattern into which our lives should be cast. Only by conforming to the paradigm can we adopt a shape that closely resembles Christ.

Every life is controlled by whatever philosophy a person embraces. Our thoughts, desires, and actions are determined by the teaching mold we adopt.

When we come to Christ, we must accept His teachings as our example. We cannot believe on Christ without being willing to be molded by Him. Anyone who claims to be a believer, and yet does not conform to the Biblical mold, is deceived.

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