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We Must Be Ready

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Matthew 24:44-51

We Must Be Ready

Prepared by Dr. John E. Marshall

Matt. 24:44 (Holman) This is why you also must be ready, because the

Son of Man is coming at an hour you do not expect.

“Be ready.” Jesus “may come at any time and must come at some time” (Maclaren). We don’t know precisely when. In light of death and the Second Coming, we can be assured we have a relatively short time to live. We may have more time than we expect, but we also may have less time.

The way to stay ready is to live in unbroken friendship with Jesus. Our best hope of enjoying Him in the future is to enjoy Him in the present.

When we regularly contemplate Jesus’ coming, we are forced to think of Him every day. If we are staying ready for Him, every day is a Jesus day.

Let me illustrate. Many people visit Springfield. I rarely ponder their arrival. But if my parents come, my life suddenly kicks into high gear.

My relationship with them makes their coming important. At the same time, knowing they are coming heightens my relationship with them.

Do we think on His Coming? Is it having a kickback effect of keeping us close to Jesus? Do we remember a time we were closer to God than now?

Do we feel ourselves faltering a bit? By God’s grace we do not totally stumble overnight. We go from doing things in the spirit to doing them in the flesh and then fall. God gives us time to ex

Believers Endure to the End

Posted in Matthew 24

Matthew 24:12-13

Believers Endure to the End

Prepared by Dr. John E. Marshall

Matt. 24:12a (Holman) Because lawlessness will multiply,. . .In hard times, Christ-followers can face many troubles: persecution (v. 9a), martyrdom (v. 9b), hatred (v. 9c), betrayal (v. 10), false teachings (v. 11), and, as verse 12 adds, easy access to sin. This describes our current culture. Sin is increasing; atheism has become brazen, heresies abound.

We even lost the thin layer of respectability that often tries to veneer the sin under it. Sin, rather than hated, is often flaunted. As in Jeremiah’s (6:15) day, evildoers “were not at all ashamed, neither could they blush”.

Sin is let loose in our land. It is very accessible. The Internet changed everything. Sin walks among us as a fifth column. One terrible result of this is; abundant availability of sin lures many people away, as verse 12b warns.

Matt. 24:12b . . .the love of many will grow cold.

Wars, famines, earthquakes, false teachings, persecution, betrayals–these are bad enough, but here we reach a worse level of distress, a wound bleeding deep. If the problem is inside us, we have a worse level of trouble.

In sinful times, it is hard to walk with God, as teens and young adults are now learning the hard way. As the wicked grow hot in sin, we believers often grow cold in loving God and each other. A flood of sin can d