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Prepared by Dr. John E. Marshall

Absolutely essential to evolutionism is the supposed ancient age of the earth, as determined by the dating of rocks. No direct foolproof method for determining the age of a particular rock exists. We can measure the present rate of change of some contents in rocks, but have no way of determining the initial rates of change. Only carbon-14 dating, helpful for items a few thousand years old, is highly dependable and accurate.

Often rocks are dated based on the types of fossils they possess. Things are easy to prove if the conclusion is taken as the opening premise of the proof.

Geological ages, distinguished only by their fossils, are not clearly divided. They merge imperceptibly into each other.

The Bible clearly teaches suffering and death were not in the world before Adam sinned. “By one man . . .” (Romans 5:12). Death entered when sin came.


Posted in Evolution


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