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Ephesians 6:18-24

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Ephesians 6:18-24

Growing in the Mission

Prepared by Dr. John E. Marshall

Eph. 6:19a (Holman) Pray also for me,. . .

For a brief moment, Paul now called attention to himself and his own needs. From a dark, dank, dungeon-cell in Rome, he called to his comrades in far-off Asia, “Pray for me.” Paul made this request often. He prayed for the churches, and regularly asked them to pray for him (RM 15:30; CL 4:3; 1 TH 5:25; 2 TH 3:1).

It is amazing that this extremely gifted man asked ordinary people like us to pray for him. Neither cocky nor self-assured, he knew he needed help from Heaven. Jesus cannot use self-sufficient people, for they feel no need for His power.

Paul bore the heavy load all Christian leaders are forced to carry. Pastors, staff members, deacons, Sunday School workers, and other lay-leaders can be most effective only if people–especially the ones they serve–are interceding for them.

Church leaders need extraordinary prayer. Heat is intense at the forefront of a battle. Leaders in the conflict are special targets of Satan. He knows if he can discredit a leader, he discredits all of Christianity in the minds of many people.

Failure of any believer negatively affects our Kingdom mission. The fall of a leader especially dishonors Christ, embarrasses His name, and brings humiliation on our churches, creating heavy baggage for all Christians to carry

Romans 12:16-17a

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Romans 12:16-17a

Agree With One Another

Prepared by Dr. John E. Marshall

Rom. 12:16a (Holman) Be in agreement with one another.

This statement gives us a broad overview of how are are to act toward others. The next three phrases in this verse will help us thwart faults that could keep this first statement from becoming a reality in our lives.

Agree with one another. Live in harmony. A oneness of mind should exist among God’s children. Rancorous disagreement must be avoided at all cost. Within the family of believers, a spirit of union must be nurtured and cherished.

Whatever form of church government we might decide to choose, peace, kindness, and goodwill are indispensable. Otherwise, a local church will have no positive influence over unbelievers.

Embracing common objects, dreams, and desires strengthens a church. Agreement brings victory. Nelson, after one of his great victories, sent word explaining the reason for it: “I had the happiness to command a band of brothers.”

We must try not to clash with, contradict, or offend one another. Let’s strive to be in agreement. The goal is for us to be of one mind among ourselves. The rest of verse 16 tells us how to achieve this overriding objective.

Rom. 12:16b Do not be proud;

Do not have high-minded ambitions. Strive not for accolades this world reveres. A believer should not be trying to achieve person