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Focus on Jesus, Unity, Future

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Mark 14:1-9

Focus on Jesus, Unity, Future

Prepared by Dr. John E. Marshall

Mark 14:1-9 tells of the woman who inspired this year’s World Missions Conference theme. While everyone else in the room was distracted, she focused on Jesus, thereby teaching us the best way to focus on unity. Her deed also focused on the future. It will be mentioned wherever the Gospel is preached. We all want to do things that will long matter. I am grateful that as we start a brand new church, we are also celebrating Hamlin Baptist Church, which we started over a century ago.

Another lady whose life taught the value of focus is Amy Carmichael (1867-1951). Born in a small village in Ireland, she was the oldest of seven children in a devout Presbyterian family. She had at least two opportunities to marry, but chose not to. She felt the Lord had called her to life of singleness. She believed this would let her have an undivided, laser beam focus on the call of Jesus for her life.

Amy served as a Christian missionary to India, where she opened an orphanage in Dohnavur, 30 miles from the southern tip of India. She served in India 55 years without a furlough. Her most notable work was with girls who were saved from forced prostitution. Over the years, she helped thousands of children.

Amy became one of the world’s most famous and admired missionaries ever, and rightly so. She obviously lived

No Prejudice AllowedPrepared by Dr. John E. Marshall

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Romans 11:11-15

No Prejudice AllowedPrepared by Dr. John E. Marshall

Romans 11:11a (Holman)  I ask, then, have they stumbled in order to fall?

Absolutely not!

Israel by and large rejected Jesus. Did this mean only despair and gloom could result from it? Is every Jew automatically condemned? Will God let the final chapter be only destruction and cruelty? “Absolutely not!” The Lord can overrule people’s evil, and providentially produce good from it anyway.

Romans 11:11b On the contrary, by their stumbling, salvation has come to

the Gentiles to make Israel jealous.

Two positive results will come from Israel’s national rejection of Jesus. One, salvation will spread rapidly among the Gentiles. Had Jews been converted en masse, ethnic prejudice may have slowed the spread of Christianity. Also, the Gospel message might have been diluted with ceremonial requirements. Israel’s rejection of Jesus made the international spread of the Gospel much easier.

Two, this widespread conversion of Gentiles will in turn be used of God to attract and evangelize those who are the elect in Israel. Gentiles are not to view Jews as rivals, but to live in such a way as to win them to us, and thereby to Jesus.

Romans 11:12 Now if their stumbling brings riches for the world, and their

failure riches for the Gentiles, how much more will their full number