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Don’t Jump Without A Parachute

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Romans 9:16

Don’t Jump Without A Parachute

Prepared by Dr. John E. Marshall

Romans 9:16a (Holman) So then it does not depend on human will…

“It” refers to salvation. This verse clearly states what is the foundation and beginning of a person’s conversion. Salvation is not started by human will or design. We by nature want deliverance from punishment, but no one by nature wants to follow God’s prescribed course for avoiding damnation.

No sinners, of their own choosing, want to surrender to Jesus for salvation. They want to escape Hell, but do not want to seek a holy God. They do not want to submit to Him, and live according to His dictates.

People want to use their own will to self-determine their own method of salvation. They want to think they have complete control over their own everlasting destiny. We want to be gods unto ourselves. This cocky pride in us, if unchecked, causes us to reject God’s ordained plan of salvation.

Being saved requires more than merely wishing to escape punishment. Cain complained, “My punishment is too great to bear!” (Genesis 4:13), but this did not make him start trying to be made right with God.

When Paul spoke of judgment to come, Felix the Governor trembled (Acts 24:25). Sadly, no evidence indicates the Ruler ever was saved.

When God wrote on the wall, King Belshazzar panicked. “His face turned pale, and h

The Puzzle of God’s Love

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Romans 9:17-18

The Puzzle of God’s Love

Prepared by Dr. John E. Marshall

Romans 9:17a For the Scripture tells Pharaoh: I raised you up for this


Pharaoh, like Israel and their sin with the golden calf, served as an example for all time. Whereas the Israelites demonstrated receiving God’s grace and mercy, Pharaoh illustrated what happens to those who refuse to come under God’s control.

God could have had Pharaoh born in obscurity or could have killed him at the first sign of belligerence. Instead, God chose to “raise him up”, to put him on the center-stage of history. God made him a man of prominence.

Romans 9:17b …so that I may display My power in you…

God used Pharaoh as a public example to demonstrate the fearful power of His displeasure against sin. Any who vaunt themselves against God will eventually be cast down, and great will be the crash thereof.

God made Pharaoh famous, and set him up as a city on a hill for all to see. YHWH, knowing how obstinate and incorrigible Pharaoh was, let the ruler “flex all the muscle” he could for all history to see how futile resistance to God is. Pharaoh stands as proof that God’s arm is invincible.

Pharaoh is an ultimate reminder of how weak we humans are. No name is more associated with hostility toward God than that of Pharaoh, and no name is more associated with utter ruin.

Romans 9: