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Unreached People Groups–History

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Unreached People Groups–History
Christianity encircled Mediterranean Sea
1500 mile circle around Jerusalem

Flourished in Europe, including Russia

Israel about 2000 miles from India and China

Subtropics in India

Mountains and desert in China, plus 1000 miles farther

Neglect of North Africa

Islam in 600s AD–barrier to south and east

Stalemate in Middle Ages

Preaching to Secular People

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Preaching to Secular People
Written by Dr. John E. Marshall, Pastor-Teacher
Second Baptist Church, Springfield, Missouri

Love the listeners.  Compassion is our most effective and winsome emotion.  Be sure people in the pews can sense you care deeply about their well-being.

Use words secular people can understand.  For example, instead of saying invocation or benediction, use the simpler word prayer.  When we do have to use a tech­nical the­ological term, take time to explain it in plain English.  If our listeners are turned off, be sure they are rejecting truth, not their misunder­standing of truth.

Do not water down the message.  Preach the Bible without apology.  Speak truth in love, but do speak it.

Use props.  Preach to the eye as well as the ear.  If preaching on our being the salt of the earth, set a salt block next to the pulpit.  If preaching on Scripture being a sword, hold up a Bible with a huge butcher knife sticking out of it.  If preaching on people’s busy schedules, hold up a day planner as you speak.

Move.  Do not stand in the same spot throughout the sermon.  The ancient Greeks said the three most vital traits of an effective speech were action, action, and action­.  If you do not have a lapel mike, get one.  Walk a bit as you preach.  This changing of position helps rest people’s eyes and hold their attention.